The Subaru WRX Stands Up to Its Competitors

The Subaru WRX is an impressive vehicle in every way. It stands out in the Subaru lineup thanks to its power, versatility, and stunning design. We love showing it off to customers, because the vehicle exudes a type of regal confidence that few cars possess.

However, if you are in the market for a car, how can you truly know that the Subaru WRX is right for you? In an effort to help answer that question, we have compared it to two extremely popular competitors: the Ford Focus ST and the Honda Civic SI.

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Subaru WRX vs Ford Focus ST

  • The Subaru WRX comes with standard all-wheel drive, while the Ford Focus ST does not. All-wheel drive adds some extra confidence, and stability, that front-wheel drive does not offer.
  • The Subaru WRX is more powerful than the Ford Focus ST, with 268 horsepower (as compared to the Ford Focus ST's 252 horsepower). This means you will be able to command the road with more confidence, and get where you need to go more efficiently.

  • The Subaru WRX offers more front headroom and front legroom than its competitor, meaning you will be more comfortable in the vehicle cabin when you drive the Subaru WRX.

Subaru WRX vs Honda Civic SI

  • The Subaru WRX offers standard all-wheel drive, while the Honda Civic SI does not.
  • If you're looking for power, than you'll want to stick with the Subaru WRX's 268 horsepower, and not the Honda Civic SI's 205 horsepower.
  • The Subaru WRX has a larger fuel tank -- 15.9 gallons as compared to the Honda Civic SI's 12.4 gallons -- meaning you will not have to fuel up as often as you will with the Honda vehicle.
  • You have more headroom and legroom in the Subaru WRX than you do with its competitor, meaning you will be more comfortable during your journey in the Subaru WRX.

Want to Learn More About the WRX in San Antonio?

If you would like to find out further reasons why the Subaru WRX may be right for you, we invite you to visit us at Gillman Subaru San Antonio in Selma, TX. Our team would be happy to expound on the many benefits this vehicle offers you on the road.