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Trying to find a Subaru mechanic that you can trust can be a difficult task. Here at our Subaru service center at Gillman Subaru San Antonio, one of our primary goals is to deliver complete, 100 percent satisfaction, along with transparency and honesty when it comes to engine repairs. Once you’ve experienced our service, your days of asking, “Where can I get reliable and professional Subaru service near me?”, are over. Here is what you need to know about engine service.

Subaru Engine Service FAQ

Here are some of the most common engine-related questions that we receive at our dealership.

  • Why is my check engine light on? Your vehicle likely has a powertrain control module, a computer that monitors the different components in your vehicle. When something is amiss, the check engine light will turn on. When this occurs, it could mean that there is an engine issue, and the best way to diagnose the issue is to bring your car to our service center.
  • How often should I get my engine serviced? Preventative maintenance can give you reassurance and help prevent costly repairs in the future. We recommend bringing your Subaru car in for service twice per year, at which time, we will check the engine.
  • What is involved in regular engine maintenance? During your semiannual appointments, our highly trained and professional mechanics will check the spark plugs, spark plug wires, air and fuel filter, and all other engine components.

Our Subaru Service Center

When it comes time to service your engine, schedule an appointment with our team of service professionals. We only use genuine Subaru parts, we allow for easy online scheduling, and we are friendly and professional.

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