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When San Antonio, TX drivers are considering buying a used Subaru car from our dealership, one of the most common questions is related to the reliability of a used Subaru car. While it is certainly true that some automakers do not manufacture vehicles that are built to last, Subaru is the opposite. Subaru vehicles are built for the long road ahead, and they have won numerous awards based on how well they retain their value over time.

Why Buy a Used Subaru Car

Besides their durability and off-road prowess, Subaru vehicles are also known for their long-lasting nature. In fact, according to the Kelley Blue Book, Subaru has been named the Best Resale Value Brand for four years in a row. This means that Subaru cars retain their value well over time, making them an excellent used car to purchase. According to Kelley Blue Book, “The Subaru Impreza’s unbeatable combination of safety, reliability, capability, and affordability is hard to pass up.”

The affordability of the Subaru vehicles is another great reason to buy a used Subaru for sale. Even new Subaru cars – the automaker was named the Kelley Blue Book Lowest 5-Year Cost to Own Brand for four straight years – are affordable. Buying a used Subaru car is one of the most budget-friendly things you can do, as you will receive a reliable, feature-filled vehicle that is only a couple of years old.

Our Used Subaru Inventory

Here at Gillman Subaru San Antonio, we have a large selection of used Subaru cars and SUVs. Additionally, we have Certified Pre-Owned Subaru vehicles that represent the most reliable and lowest mileage pre-owned vehicles on our lot. Contact our dealers for more information.

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