Join Us at the San Antonio Pet Expo


In addition to selling a huge variety of used and new Subaru SUVs, the dealers at Gillman Subaru San Antonio also love to be involved in community events in San Antonio. We realize that we are lucky to call such a great city home, and we enjoy extending our gratitude to the city kind enough to host us by sponsoring a number of local community events. The latest event that we are sponsoring is the San Antonio Pet Expo, taking place on July 27th and 28th. After you’ve purchased a new 2019 Subaru Outback at our dealership, we invite you to visit the Pet Expo and mingle with hundreds of furry friends from the region.

To get a bit deeper into the details, the San Antonio Pet Expo is being held on July 27th and 28th at the Austin Highway Event Center. Of course, attendees are invited to bring their pets along, and you will get free admission if you donate an unopened pet food item or pet product. The San Antonio Pet Expo will have a variety of different events for your pet, as well as immunizations and vaccinations at a lower cost than you’ll find at the vet.

Does your pet have a special talent that you’d like to show off? If so, enter the Pets Got Talent contest, where pets will show off their most impressive tricks and be judged by audience applause. Another fun event at the Pet Expo is the Lure Course, where dogs can run across a field chasing a mechanical lure that jumps, wiggles, and turns on a dime.

If you have any questions about the San Antonio Pet Expo, contact our dealers at (888) 807-6544.

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