Summer Tune-ups at the Subaru Make Love Last Service Event


Now that we’re in the heart of summer in the New Braunfels, TX area, drivers are feeling the heat. The heat and humidity that comes along with the Texas summer can also have a negative effect on vehicle operation, which is why we’re holding the Subaru Make Love Last Summer Service Event. Until July 31st, you can stop into our Subaru service center for a free multi-point inspection, where our expert mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is in top condition for your summer road trip.

The Subaru Make Love Last Summer Service Event is currently underway and will last until July 31. Schedule an appointment with our team in order to take advantage of special savings and keep your vehicle performing at its best.

Studies have shown that Subaru vehicles that are routinely serviced at their retailer remain on the road longer than ones that are not. During our multi-point inspection, we’ll be taking a thorough look at all parts of your vehicle, paying close attention to those that are specially affected by the heat and humidity of summer.

  • First, we’ll inspect your car’s engine and air filters so that you and your vehicle can breathe cleanly while driving.
  • We’ll measure the tread depth of your car’s tires to ensure proper grip in the rain.
  • We’ll check the level and quality of the oil, coolant, brake, and washer fluids to reduce the chances of an unexpected breakdown in the heat.
  • Finally, we’ll test the health of your battery to ensure that it is has enough charge to take you where you need to go.

Schedule a service appointment with us today to take advantage of the Subaru Make Love Last Service Event. We hope to see you at Gillman Subaru San Antonio soon!

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